Teamleader Production Department Xeikon

Lier, Belgium
"Jeroen has spent 4.5 years with Xeikon." By Jeroen

I started my career at Xeikon as so many other people: at the bottom as assistant operator assembly at the manufactory in Lier.

In this function I learned the basics of assembling Xeikon engines. For me this felt as an educational environment because there are several aspects that need to be taken into account. After that, I worked my way up to specialized operator: quality checks of the assembly line.

From that moment on I took every new chance that was given to me with both hands. For sure it was a tough job to reach certain goals but, ambitious as I am, that was part of my personal satisfaction.

Finally I got the chance of my life: I became team leader of the production department! I’m doing this for about 2,5 years now and I’m still very grateful to Xeikon for this opportunity. Despite my younger age it has always been my passion to work together with people and to reach goals as a team. This job is a mix of responsibilities, which gives me energy as well. At the same time I want to continue improving my management skills. This is possible because Xeikon motivates his employees to follow trainings that are in line with personal and professional expectations. Being honest, I have to admit it’s hard work, there are many things to take into account but at the end, this is best school there is.

Managing a team is my dream job. I’m a people person who strives every day to reach the perfect working environment together with a team that strives to deliver the best results.

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