Corporate Communications Manager Xeikon

"Danny has spent over 20 years with Xeikon starting as a support engineer in 1996" By Danny

I joined Xeikon already in 1996, at the very verge of digital printing. As a support engineer I travelled a few times around the world installing digital presses, training new distributors, supporting shows and events and being a technical liaison with our OEM sales channels (IBM, Xerox, Agfa) at the time. Digital printing has always been a strong technological world involving a lot of skills in IT and automation which attracted me as an engineer.

As a small company having worked with those big OEM’s was a unique experience and an excellent education into researching developing new business and marketing plans. In 2004 Xeikon decided to start developing its own solutions for the document and commercial printing markets, I had the opportunity to take the business development lead.

Being part of Flint Group now, we have the perfect launchpad to further extend our product lines and expand geographically as I believe with the Xeikon products at the basis, Flint Group has the most complete portfolio on the market to also become a worldwide leader in printing equipment. I’m very happy to take the lead on our outbound communication to make sure we put out the right messaging to the right audiences at the right time.

2 decades later, seems a long time, but never a dull moment in this industry !

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